LegionRPG Update – Spawning Items

Lately with progress on the LegionRPG project, I've been working on the functionality of spawning items, and adding graphics. Today we have finally added the command for Admins to spawn in-game items. Screenshot example: In the screenshot above you can see me testing the item spawning command. I began testing it by spawning a bunch... Continue Reading →

Starting the LegionRPG Alpha Project

After waiting around 3 years now just to get started on making the LegionRPG Alpha. I have finally actually started getting something done! It's really not much of anything special yet, that's for sure. All this is is a prototype so far. But hey, a prototype is much much more than nothing! I was pretty... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of Legion Online

Today, I've decided to start working on Legion Online... Well that's a lie. I actually started a couple of days ago, maybe three or four. But the point is that I'm going to finally start taking my LegionRPG project seriously. I'm going to actually attempt to finally start it up with my new-found skills in... Continue Reading →

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