Why Your Antivirus Sucks

Recently I've been going hard at it with C# virus detection and cracking WPA2 passwords. I've had a growing interest in Cyber Security since I was in senior year of high school. Cyber Security is probably one of the more difficult things I've had an interest in. One big part of protecting yourself from hackers... Continue Reading →

Bringing The Old Development Blog Back

If you're reading this now, I've decided to bring my old development blog back to life. My blog used to be hosted at before I took that domain down. From now on my blog will be hosted on this website. 🙂 The development blog had revision notes from all of my projects that I was working... Continue Reading →

Finally Finished Old Video Game Development Projects

I've finally finished two of my old video game development projects. One being "AttackOnTowers" and the other being "Project Mario". I've actually been thinking about renaming Project Mario, but I don't really feel like going through all that hassle just to rename a project. Anyways, I've finished them, and that's what matters. After finishing them... Continue Reading →

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