RootBackup Becomes Open-Source!

Originally when RootBackup began, it required a server for the backups to be stored on. It also required users to sign up on the website at for account authentication purposes. Since then, the RootBackup website has gone down and I began working on open-sourcing the project as a whole. I like free software, and I also would like to share my experience with the rest of the world. So the authentication has been removed, and the entire project is now open-sourced on Github.

For anyone who wants to have a free automatic daily backup service on their computer, you can download RootBackup for free and install it on your computer to get started! You will need an external source to save your backups on, or you can save them all on the same hard drive (which is not recommended however due to performance and security purposes).

The application still looks the same, and has all of the same features as before except for online backups. The servers are no longer available for online backups, but this was necessary to allow the project source code to be available to the public. It’s a step forward to say that you may now download RootBackup for free.

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