Legions and Blades – LegionRPG Reborn

Back on October 6th, 2013 I began work on a new project called “Legion Online” also known as “LegionRPG”. This was a simple 2D MMORPG that I was making using Java and LWJGL. I continued working on this project for a long while and actually ended up making it fairly playable as well. It was fairly boring as well however. I eventually lost interest in this project and moved on to other things.

I recently got a job as a software engineer as my interest in creating software and video games peaked. As it peaked, I decided to make a new video game. I originally was going to make a medieval strategy RPG, which accidentally turned into me gleaming back into making LegionRPG again. I sold off the website, so the new video game name and website is

Here is a screenshot of some progress I’ve made on the game so far:
Legion Online Early Alpha Screenshot

Here is a screenshot of the website so far as well:
Legions and Blades Early Alpha Website Screenshot

Obviously things are still in the works. But there is plenty of work left to do!

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