AutoBackup Website Backups – GUI Overhaul, and Publishing to GitHub

In this update I’ve taken an old Java project of mine called “AutoBackup” and I’ve revamped it. AutoBackup is a Java application that will automatically create website backups using FTP, and MySQL dumps. The software is completely free, and is also open source and is available for free download on GitHub.

Mostly all that I’ve done in this update is revamp the GUI using Netbeans, and fix and clean up some code from before. Other than that, publishing this project to Github was the next step to hopefully let this project gain some traction. The next step in the process would be to add revisional backups, but I’d say it’s fine where it’s at for right now.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the new update in effect

That’s all that there is for this update. I have other projects to work on and not a whole lot of time to do it. I hope that this looks good on my resume for now.

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