Invasion Imminent – Updating UI, Adding Social, and Adding DeathStalkers

In this release of Invasion Imminent I have done the following:

  • Added Google Play achievements
  • Added Google Play leaderboards (and removed my leaderboards system)
  • Improved player controls for tablet users
  • Added title screen background
  • Added new UFO type: DeathStalker

For those of you who don’t like reading, here is a YouTube video showing the changes I’ve made to Invasion Imminent.

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I’ve removed the leaderboard system I made, and replaced it with the Google Play leaderboard system. There isn’t any real reason for this other than ease of use to be honest. I also added Google Play achievements as well which I thought was pretty awesome. There are currently only 4 achievements, and all can be achieved through the game.

I have also updated the UI for the title screen so that it doesn’t give you that “blank canvas” feel to it. I’ve added a moving background to the title screen, and I have also added an achievements button at the bottom left corner of the screen. I have also made a few other minor adjustments with the title screen such as the title font size and some positioning with the title and buttons.

In-game I have also added a new UFO type called the “DeathStalker”. The DeathStalker is basically a UFO that moves and shoots faster than a normal UFO. But to counter-act these effects, the DeathStalkers lazers are slightly less powerful.

That just about wraps things up for this update. I hope everyone enjoys the game. More updates to come some time soon.

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