Invasion Imminent Android Release!

I’ve lost my touch with video game development lately. I’ve been focused on more important things in my life such as making money, investing in stocks (and crypto currencies), and paying my bills. But I’m back at it again with Invasion Imminent!

I’ve re-created the old Java game of mine using Unity and C#. I love Java, but I needed to have something complete and on the market to show off on my resume. I’ve been trying to get a job as a software engineer lately as well. So I’ve decided to just re-make that old game and put it up for free on the Android market. So here is Invasion Imminent for Android!

Get it on Google Play

I’m planning on adding high scores soon, but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. The title screen is in the works currently as well, but I’m focusing on the gameplay itself for the moment. I’m planning on adding new enemies and updating the graphics with real genuine graphics eventually due to some legal reasons. I basically just took all of the graphics off of Google and slightly modified some of them to keep things somewhat original.

For the time being, I’m generally happy with the results. The game is really simple, but still some fun here and there. I’ll work on it as time goes on.


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