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It’s been a while since I’ve been on this blog again, but I always seem to take breaks for extended periods of time anyways. I recently got my own apartment and I had computer backups of my code on my external hard drive I bring with me everywhere. I recently also moved out of that same apartment due to some financial differences between me and my roommates. And unfortunately I accidentally left my hard drive at the apartment when I left.

I was up coding late last night and my entire system crashed. All of my applications uninstalled themselves and my code.. well those files were corrupted. I thought to myself as I was freaking out. I remembered “Oh, I have computer backups on my hard drive!”, so I reinstalled Windows with no worries. Looked for my hard drive and it was gone. My roommates and I are no longer on good terms so my hard drive is still yet to be found. After looking around forever on my computer, I finally found my code in the Windows.old folder. Apparently my user account had 2 “My Documents” folders which was really confusing. As a result it took me forever to find the files.

I was more relieved than I ever had been in all honesty. Because I had spent months, even years on a lot of this code. From now on, I am definitely keeping more computer backups as of now. Disk images, restore points, revision copies, etc.

Moral of the story people, backup your data on the cloud. You can’t lose it if it’s on a secured server somewhere else.

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