Windows Backup Applications SUCK!

I feel like there is a major lack of good Windows backup applications. I work in the IT world not only at my actual job, but I also do work on the side as well with my own clients. At my job I am to recommend what the company recommends to their customers which is called Carbonite.

Carbonite is probably the best I’ve seen so far for a Windows backup app which is not really that great. The people at my work also recommend some other thing called “Code 45” or something along those lines. Honestly, neither of them are that user friendly. Do they get the job done? Yes, but they are obviously not that easy to set up if you NEED an IT professional to set it up for you which a lot of our customers do.

I also noticed that Apple seems to have their shit together. The newest version of OS X comes with Time Machine built in. Time Machine is an amazing automatic backup system that is also so simple that almost anyone can set it up. So why do backups on Windows have to be so damn difficult?

When I set up automatic Windows backups on my machine, I shouldn’t have to go through 10 different screens just to get my stuff set up to where I can start my first backup. There should be 2 screens I need to go through. One window for the backup settings where I can choose which folders to backup, and where I want them backed up to.. And another window where I can choose how often my automatic backups should be backing up my files.

Honestly, get your shit together Windows developers.

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