Zombiez: Why I am Switching to 3D

Okay, so while I do agree with what I said in my previous post that you do NOT need to have good graphics in order to create a fun video game I also found that good video games with good graphics are more eye capturing by nature.

The visual aspects of a video game should most definitely not be the main aspect to improve on. This is just as a chefs gourmet meal should not look good, but taste like the hairs plucked from a donkeys ass. I guess my main point here is that there must be equality and balance between the quality of gameplay and graphics in a video game.

My main point of this post being that I am switching Zombiez from a 2D video game to a 3D video game. Why am I doing this? I am doing this simply because I don’t feel like the 2D version of the video game really captures what I am trying to do with it. I cannot achieve the quality that I want from this video game unless it looks great and plays great. Simply put, the 2D graphical system is holding me back from reaching my goals with this video game. I am willing to restart this entire project in order to reach that goal. However, there is a bright side to this switch. The maps will be much much larger, and I will be able to make the maps much more interactive as well. The maps will also be much more dynamic and will feel more realistic as I will be able to control the in-game environment easier than ever before.

Thank you all for your patience, please stay tuned for more updates!

Also, for those of you who would like to access the Zombiez 2D versions from my videos..

Zombiez v0.0.1
Zombiez v0.0.2
Zombiez v0.0.3
Zombiez v0.0.4
Zombiez v0.0.5

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