“Zombiez” Progress Ep. 4, Zombie AI and Animations

Ahhh progress. I’ve been working hard these past few days and I have mostly been spending my time on Zombie AI improvements. I have also been fixing a lot of bugs in the game as well which has been a real pain in my butt since 2D games have a serious problem with z-indexing.. Or maybe I just have a problem with z-indexing.

Anyways, I’ve added a few new features to the game as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of Zombie games lack a little thing in their AI called “sound awareness”. In any Zombie movie, when someone shoots a bullet suddenly the Zombies all start rushing at the character trying to kill them. Well, a lot of game lack this. My game is not one of them. When you shoot a bullet in my game any AI around you will react to it based on how far away the AI is. I’ve also added new attack animations to the game as well for each character which I was lacking originally. I also added other survivors in the game as well. Whenever a Zombie and a Survivor are near each other, they will attack each other because that’s what they do. A Survivor is much more durable than a Zombie is so they can take out a Zombie or two, or four before they die. They can’t hold weapons yet, but that will come soon.

Zombiez fixes done:
– Make players appear in-front and behind buildings instead of on top of them
– Make zombies appear in-front and behind buildings instead of on top of them
– Fixed Zombies flickering issue
– Players can’t reload until they have less than a full clip
– Survivors attack zombies
– Survivors follow players (but not too closely)
– Zombies attack survivors now as well
– Make Survivors much more durable than Zombies
– Make Survivors hear better than Zombies
– Gunfire attracts Zombies and Survivors from far distances
– Add Zombie attack sprites and animations
– Add player attack sprites and animations
– Make bullets long, and make them face the direction of firing

That’s all I’ve got for now. But so far so good. I have Buildings, Spawners, Tiles, Weapons, AI Zombies, and AI Survivors.. Let’s see what’s coming next. Hoping to have the game out for download on Android and Steam Greenlight by January 10th.

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