Inspirational Movies and Videos for Developers and Programmers

Every once and a while when you are a Game Developer, you run across a time where you have to be able to handle “Game Developers Block”. Yes it’s definitely a real thing.

Every game developer has run across a block in motivation to continue making their video game at some point and time. Sometimes it can simply be because of you can’t come up with any more ideas for the game, or maybe you are running into a bug in your game that you are having major trouble trying to fix. My main problem that stops me from finishing development on my video games is simply a loss of interest. What always seems to bring me back from a loss of interest is usually watching documentaries or inspirational videos/movies that have to do with video game development or technology in general. So what I’ve done is I’ve made a list of inspirational or motivational videos and movies that other developers can also use to keep their motivation going.

Inspirational movies:
– Indie Game
– Indie Game: Life After
– The IT Crowd (TV Show)
– Grandmas Boy
– The Intern
– The Internship
– The Pirates of Silicon Valley
– Jobs
– The Social Network
– Office Space
– Welcome to Macintosh

Motivational videos:
40 Hour Challenge C++ Game
48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2012
48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2014
Coding with Notch (from Minecraft: The Story of Mojang)
Dunlore Character Creation
Dunlore Beta Trailer
Dunlore Gameplay and other thing
Dunlore Gameplay Teaser
MineCraft in Unity, C# NET
Zelda: Ocarina of Time in UE4
Super Mario Sunshine in UE4

You can also check out some of my YouTube videos for some other motivational game progress videos.

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