Zombiez Progress Ep. 3, and a Satire Zombiez Gameplay

So over the past two days, I have made a bunch of Zombiez progress. It still once again feels like I’ve hardly scratched the surface really.

Zombiez progress – I made a bunch of updates and I don’t really feel like re-wording everything I just said in my YouTube video. So I’ll just link the video below, and list off all of the things I fixed in this update.

Zombiez fixes done:
– Zombies use pathfinding
– Fixed pathfinding bugs
– Zombies idle moving
– Make Zombiez follow you but only if you are near them.
– Make sure Zombies don’t spawn on-screen
– Players respawn after dying
– Make players have to find ammo
– Make players have to find weapons
– Fix flickering screen
– Fix buildings appear on top of UI
– Fix Zombies colliding with UI
– Zombies and Bullets appear above UI

I also sent an early alpha version of the game so far to a few of my friends and one of my friends “Gamerz Crafted” uploaded a hilarious satire gameplay video of the video game so far.

I absolutely loved his video but I’m not gonna lie, some of the things he joked about in his video actually made me question my work so far..

This reminds me of what the people in the “Indie Game” movie said about criticism. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should really watch the movie. It’s an amazing inspirational movie for motivation.

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