Zombiez Progress Ep. 2, Updated Animations

So in the past 12 hours, I would like to say that I’ve made a lot of Zombiez progress. I don’t really feel like I did to be honest. But at least I made some decent updates on the animations and UI functionality.

During my Zombiez progress I managed to add functionality to the weapons selector in the top right corner of the screen. I made it to where each weapon has it’s own statistics basically. They have their own array of fire rates, damage amounts, clip sizes, and reload speeds. I have also made it to where you can reload by pressing the “R” key, or the game will reload automatically for you if you try to continue firing without any ammo in your guns. This added a lot of challenge to the game. Running out of resources will play a big role in the game later on in the future.

I also have updated the player and zombie sprites, and have also added walking animations to the characters as well. The animations definitely make the game feel a bit more intense, and it’s easier to notice the zombies around you now because of it.

The user interface has also been updated. I have added sprites and animations to the health icon at the top left as well. The icon automatically goes down with your players HP. I did this to make it a bit more obvious to the player when he is being attacked and is about to die. It’s hard to stay alive without having the awareness of your players health.

I still have a TON of work to do on the game. I have tons of great ideas for this game. It’s nice to feel like I’ve gotten something done however.

More Zombiez progress coming really soon.

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