Multiple Website Backups using “AutoBackup”

Once again I have re-touched an old project of mine. This time I am talking about my old project known as “AutoBackup”. This time I have added a “multiple website backups” functionality to the app.

To start off with, “AutoBackup” is a Java application that you can install on your Windows or Mac OS X computer that will automatically backup your website. And by this I mean all of the files, and MySQL databases on your website servers. All you have to do is download AutoBackup, run the installer on your Windows or Mac OS X computer, and restart your computer.

Each time that you restart your Windows computer AutoBackup will automatically download your servers when you log in. If you are running AutoBackup on a Mac OS X computer, all you need to do is run the “AutoBackup.jar” file located in your Applications folder.

Now I have added the “multiple website backups” functionality. What this allows you to do, is to backup more than 1 website using AutoBackup. All you have to do is setup an FTP and MySQL account with the same username and password for each website, and seperate the website domain by commas.


  • Website:,,
  • Username: Test
  • Password: Test123

You would fill the form out as shown above when installing the AutoBackup application. Then it would sign into each website via FTP and MySQL, grab the folders, grab the databases, and automatically back them up.

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