Bringing The Old Development Blog Back

If you’re reading this now, I’ve decided to bring my old development blog back to life. My blog used to be hosted at before I took that domain down. From now on my blog will be hosted on this website. 🙂

The development blog had revision notes from all of my projects that I was working on. I would post my daily thoughts and ideas of what I think of certain products and services. I would also post my suggestions on how to make the products and services better. In addition with the occasional complaints running through my mind.

I’m bringing my old development blog back to life because I missed blogging. I also figured maybe my blog would be a good thing to add to my portfolio website. Not only am I going to bring all of my old posts back, but I am also going to update my old posts as well. I will start by adding keywords and tags as an SEO improvement effort. I have also worked on my social media optimization by using OpenGraph meta tags to help my website look proper. This will help to make my website appear professional on websites such as FaceBook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

Feels good to be back in business..

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