LWJGL Game “Invasion Imminent” Final Release

I recently decided that I should remake one of my old LWJGL games. I originally made this game as a joke, and called it “AttackOnTowers“. I took that game, re-skinned it, added a few features and called it “Invasion Imminent”.

I originally made “AttackOnTowers” as a joke. It was a satire comedy game that I created to make my friends laugh. The game is basically a giant 9/11 meme that you can play. Anyways, I decided to remake this game so that it would be socially acceptable. It’s a fun game, but needed a few tweaks in order to make it better, more challenging, etc.

In the story of “Invasion Imminent” you are an American airfighter pilot. Aliens have begun their invasion on planet Earth and it is your sole duty to protect the American citizens and planet Earth itself. It may be a never-ending fight for your life, but at least you can beat your friends high scores.

Download “Invasion Imminent” for FREE.

This video game is playable on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms and will be coming to Android and iOS as soon as I can convert it from Java and LWJGL to C# and Unity.

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