Zombiez Map Maker Release!

So I’ve finally decided to release the alpha of the Map Maker for our Zombie game currently named “Zombiez”. I don’t quite know what to name the game yet, so if you happen to stumble upon a Zombie game name, don’t forget to share it with me! I might even do a favor for you in return.

Everything works in the Zombie Map Maker so far functionality-wise. However I am not finished with the graphics nor the Zombie game itself. So please be patient while I slowly update the projects graphically. If you happen to run into any bugs when making your own maps, please let me know by contacting me as we have only fully tested this on Mac OS X as of now. Also, don’t forget to submit your own maps in order for me to add them to the game itself when I release it!

Also, just so everyone knows the Zombiez Map Maker works for Mac, Linux, and PC. Everyone gets to enjoy the fun!

Download the Zombiez Map Maker

How to submit your own maps:
Step 1. Make your map
Step 2. Save your map
Step 3. Go to your “Maps” folder, and put your custom maps in a .zip folder.
Step 4. Email your zipped folder to me!

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