LegionRPG – Converting Code From Java to C#

As of recently I’ve found that in order for any future projects to have administrator privileges and to run as fast as the game engine possibly can we will be converting code from Java to C#. The reason being is that C# runs at least 3 times faster than Java in almost all cases. You can prove this with a simple math loop test.

Converting code from Java to C# has been the biggest pain in the ass since I created the LegionRPG engine using LWJGL in the first place. It took me about 3 weeks in total to convert everything from Java to C#. This mainly includes the server, and client code. We haven’t even converted the map maker code yet which worries me because I’m not good with windows forms and all that.

LegionRPG is planned to be released for open BETA by January 1st, 2016.. Hopefully, that will actually happen. What really worries me is whether or not the game will actually be a success. Most people prefer 3D over 2D games any day. So marketing this game will be a little bit of a challenge…

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