LegionRPG Update – Spawning Items

Lately with progress on the LegionRPG project, I’ve been working on the functionality of spawning items, and adding graphics. Today we have finally added the command for Admins to spawn in-game items.

Screenshot example:

In the screenshot above you can see me testing the item spawning command. I began testing it by spawning a bunch of Iron Knight Helmets in random locations around my player. When I spawn the item it will spawn it in-game. Also, it will make that same item re-spawn over time (or at least it will later on).

This will be an important feature in the game since you will need to find items in more ways than just killing your enemies. Killing enemies will get boring over time. Also I do not want this to become a simple level grinding game like World of Warcraft. I want something more along the lines of playing through fun quests with your friends like Zelda.

I can’t stand video games like World of Warcraft because they’re always really plain and don’t offer much more than completing the same quest over and over again. It just like Call of Duty when they release a game and it’s just Modern Warfare 2 re-skinned. They’re just the same quest with better drops, and different enemies. I would like to avoid that and make drops available in the world itself.

For a quick example maybe have armor drops inside of an abandoned blacksmith shop. This would add up perfectly. The player would be excited for free armor, and it would fit the environment. It adds character to the scenery of the video game if you ask me.

Anyways we’re going to make it to where to pick up the items, you simply walk over them, or attack them. Seems simple enough right?

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