The New LegionRPG Graphics, and User Interface

Okay, so the game isn’t out or anything of course, of course. But the progress I’ve made on the graphics and user interface over the past 6 days feels like nothing. But yet it feels like a lot at the same time.

Anyways, over the past 6 days, I have finally gotten around to adding real graphics, such as an actual character in the game. There’s not much to him but don’t mind him, he’s just Bob. (Yes I named him) The entire character himself is actually a reference to TehNoobShow if any of you know what that is.

Bob Player Graphics TehNoobShow

We’ve also added an actual User Interface into the game now. Each tab at the top right has it’s own purpose. One has character stats, one has character equipment, one has your inventory, and one has your friends list. Along with that, we’ve added (and completed) a chat box so you can chat with other players. Then we also decided it would be nice to add an experience bar, so we’ve finished that as well.

One big thing about the game, something I actually want to make a very very big part of the game is PvP. I’ve made it to when you enter the PvP zone in the game, it actually displays a notification stating that you have entered the PvP zone, just as a warning to players who might not want to die.

Anyways, that’s about all that we’ve added so far. Right now we’re working on adding items to the game, and making them spawn, respawn, etc.

Here are some screenshots:
Item Bag User Interface

PvP User Interface

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