Starting the LegionRPG Alpha Project

After waiting around 3 years now just to get started on making the LegionRPG Alpha. I have finally actually started getting something done! It’s really not much of anything special yet, that’s for sure. All this is is a prototype so far. But hey, a prototype is much much more than nothing!

LegionRPG Alpha Loading Map
Here you can see the LegionRPG screen for loading the map resources.

I was pretty happy with the results on the main menu, login screen, and loading screen in the LegionRPG Alpha so far. In the picture above the black and grey tiles randomly alternate so it adds a cool effect to the loading screen. Once the map has loaded, all of the tiles turn black and the screen fades out.

Sample images

LegionRPG Alpha In-Game Tile Test and Player Stats UI
In this image you can see me testing the tile map and player stats UI.

Again.. These are just sample images of the prototype so far, so try not to judge.

Also, just in-case anyone doesn’t exactly understand the player sprite, it’s my best friend Binno, in meme form and it’s hilarious to play as. Fucking love it.

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