Finally Finished Old Video Game Development Projects

I’ve finally finished two of my old video game development projects. One being “AttackOnTowers” and the other being “Project Mario“. I’ve actually been thinking about renaming Project Mario, but I don’t really feel like going through all that hassle just to rename a project. Anyways, I’ve finished them, and that’s what matters.

After finishing them last night, I also decided to upload gameplay demos to my second YouTube channel.

Project Mario Gameplay Demo

AttackOnTowers Gameplay Demo

Overall I am highly satisfied with most of my video game development projects. But I am actually genuinely happy about finishing Project Mario. AttackOnTowers is decent but nothing really special. Something I mostly made as a joke clearly. But I’ve been wanting to remake Mario since forever. And now I have done it.

So there it is I guess. There’s not really much more to say other than the fact that I don’t really know where to go from here.. I guess only time will tell. Maybe I’ll finish the LegionRPG project that I have had for three years now, and actually get something big started. Maybe I will make something much bigger and more successful. Maybe I won’t make anything at all and slowly plummet to my own failure.

Who knows?

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