As of right now, I have just uploaded a video talking about the new game I have made called “AttackOnTowers“. AttackOnTowers is a side-scrolling arcade shooter where you are an american airfighter pilot trying to save planet Earth from an imminent alien invasion. I made it in about 9 hours, starting in school at about 11:30am, ending at about 9:00pm at home. I made it using a highly edited version of my “Project Mario” game engine, and had a few friends play it. They thought it was “alright”, but I made it clear that the game was really just an inside joke between me and them. They thought the game was absolutely hilarious, and got a real kick out of it!

Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube:

Anyways, there’s not really much to say about the project. But to those of you who might have found this page, to download the game, simply click here to download “AttackOnTowers”

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