Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC, which is better? That’s the question.

I know that this is definitely a more controversial topic for a lot of computer nerds like myself. But unfortunately, I have both a really nice yet cheap gaming laptop and yet at the same time I own a MacBook Pro. The unfortunate thing about this is that, since I own both, I am constantly switching between the two, wanting to belong to only one or the other. The problem is that I can never choose between them either way. It’s like this (For my fellow computer nerds):


Okay, So I guess I’ll just start off with the Mac vs PC basics. Let’s figure out how to tell which one you will actually want to go for.

If you are the type of person that likes to work on a lot of graphical, or CPU power intensive, or any other type of hardware intensive work, I will tell you right off the bat, you will want a PC. The reason why is because let’s be honest, powerful computers are expensive. Apple computers are always expensive but hardly known for being powerful. So if you actually want an Apple computer that is powerful then good luck paying off that $2,000+ loan that you take out in order to buy it. I’ll enjoy my more-powerful-and-cheaper $500 ASUS laptop thank you very much. Not only that, but if you’re someone like me who gets paid to make gaming YouTube videos, you kind of need your computer to be able to play at least casually intensive video games.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who really doesn’t have a budget, and is willing to pay whatever it takes to have an easy yet fast computer, you will want an Apple computer. Mac’s are not bad computers. I’ve never touched a Mac that I think was slow for it’s time. Even though Macs aren’t powerful, and even though they don’t have the greatest specs.. Apple designs the software and the hardware making everything run a lot lot smoother due to the fact that the applications are all built to run on the same hardware for each computer. Macs are very fast, they just aren’t able to do anything very intensive past graphical design.

Another thing that I have seriously noticed about Mac’s that I just absolutely fell in love with, is just how easy Mac’s are to use, and just how well they are built. My ASUS laptop might be powerful and it might be able to do more with it’s CPU but damn is that Macbook Pro built good. Not to mention the fact that the trackpad on 90% of PCs suck ass, whereas Macs touchpads are just absolutely perfect all the time.

I guess all in all it just depends on what matters more. The real argument isn’t Mac vs PC, it’s ease of use vs power and customization.

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