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Hello, I’m really new to this thing, but basically this blog is going to be something I do regularly while coding in order to document my life as a programmer. I will be talking about all of the struggles I go through in life while trying to become a successful programmer, and person in life.

I’m in High School, senior year right now though. I’m actually in my Web Design 1 class right now, just working on this website. Although I already know everything in this class, because I already know web design as you can clearly tell. Basically, since I have all A’s and B’s in all of my classes, I just goof off and work on what I actually want to work on. My own personal projects are usually all that I work on in my spare time anyways. Hopefully 2-4 years from now, I will be a successful person with my own business living a happy life with my girlfriend or whoever I’ll be with by then. The happy life takes a lot of work to reach though. So let’s get working!

Enjoy the non-stop blogging that is about to occur. 😛

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