Development Portfolio

This is my development portfolio where I post all of my past and current projects. I will update my development portfolio as time goes on and more projects come along.

Legions and Blades Logo

Legions and Blades (Early Alpha)

“Legions and Blades” is an MMORPG where you can play with your friends, level up, earn gear, and go on an adventure. I originally started this project in 2013, abandoned it, then recently picked it back up again. Join the online community today to get started!

Legions and Blades

AutoBackup Logo


“AutoBackup” is a Java application that will automatically backup all files, and MySQL databases on your website servers. All you have to do is download AutoBackup, and run the executable JAR file on a Windows, Mac, or Linux OS computer. Once you have configured the AutoBackup settings, it will begin automatic backups of your servers.

Invasion Imminent Logo

Invasion Imminent

“Invasion Imminent” is a fun side scrolling arcade shooter that I decided to make in my spare time for fun back in high school while I was working on bigger projects. This video game consists of blowing up UFOs, alien homebases, and grabbing power ups in order to save planet Earth and beat your friends high scores. This project was made using C#, JavaScript, and Unity and is playable on Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Get it on Google Play

Invasion Imminent

Prodigy IT Logo

Prodigy IT

“Prodigy IT” is a website for technology news, desktop IT support and IT solutions. You can schedule an appointment for IT support if you are having general problems with your desktop computer, or just need a simple cleanup. You can also visit the forums for free IT support or general discussion. Prodigy IT also provides a free IT knowledgebase where technology news, IT solutions, and more can be seen by any user.

DoSer Icon

DoS Launcher

“DoS Launcher” is a penetration testing application. You can download DoS Launcher on your Windows computer and is used to test your server capabilities when under a DoS attack. The user chooses the target IP Address, and target port to attack on. You will want to analyze your server traffic reports and resource usage during the attack. This simulates a single user flooding your server with packets. If you would like to simulate a DDoS attack, simply run the attack on multiple computers using separate internet connections. Once finished, I recommend researching DDoS protection to keep your servers safe!

RootBackup Logo


“RootBackup” is an automatic backups application. You can install RootBackup on your Windows computer and it will automatically create local or online backups. The user can customize and choose selected folders to backup on your computer. All you have to do is download RootBackup, create your RootBackup account, and run the installer. Finally, you can keep your files safe on your Windows machine.

Jeremy Blevins Icon Large

My Website

I made this development portfolio website in order to show my accomplishments as a Website Designer, Software Engineer, and Independent Video Game Developer. It’s the website you’re looking at right now! This website was made using WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, and PHP.

Zombiez Logo

Zombiez (Alpha)

“Zombiez” is an arcade zombie shooter game that is currently in the makings. The video game itself is not currently available for download or play. However the “Zombiez Map Maker” is in Alpha. You can download the map maker and create your own maps. It is currently is known to work on Mac OS. This project is being made using C# .NET and Unity3D. Zombiez will be playable on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Project Mario Logo

Project Mario

“Project Mario” is a fun remake of the original “Mario Bros” video games. One day in high school I was bored, and decided to make this in my spare time for fun. The remake of the video game includes 3 pre-made playable levels, and a map maker. You can use the map maker to make maps and share them with your friends. This project was made using Java, and LWJGL and is playable on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux platforms.

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